This Wednesday at 7 pm, in our Fellowship Hall, we will have a special guest speaker, Sein Lengeju, presenting information about the Keep Girls Safe Foundation. Sein’s mission is to change the culture among the people of Kenya to put an end to the barbaric practices of female genital mutilation and arranged child marriages. Please come prepared to listen, learn, and respond to this need. Classes are available for your children in our Education Building during this presentation.

40 Days to Pray for the USA

On Thursday, September 29, individuals and families at MCC will begin a 40-day prayer effort, focusing upon the upcoming elections.  While we should always pray for our nation and its authorities, it will be very good to pay special attention to humbly interceding for our nation in the next several weeks.  I invite all who see this post to join us–pray for America, for those who seek public office, and for the Holy Spirit’s influence upon every voter.

It had to die and be resurrected.

We (meaning someone smarter than me) determined we had to completely remove our website at the web host (see how I can talk “tech”?) because of persistent evidence of corruption. We (that same smarter person) have started completely rebuilding the site. It is not complete; we are working on graphics, etc. Hopefully it will show evidence of New Life pretty soon.
Now the Pastor’s Application. We can never “sort of” or “mostly” deal with the corruption that is sin. The old person of sin must DIE so Christ, by the Holy Spirit, can effect New Life in the believer. The believer, while completely saved, is a Work in Progress. The maturing process takes place while we are here on this Earth and it is our witness for Jesus to those around us.