Didn’t there used to be a website here??

Because of the vigilance of a local Pastor friend, I learned that this website has been used by a hacker for a while now.  I”m no tech-savvy web administrator–in fact, I have hardly even looked at this website for a long time.  But some hacker (looks to be Russian) has been camped out here posting stuff.  The posts looked pretty innocuous, but I think they had links in them that would take the unsuspecting to some bad place. (Really, all I know is what the smart people have told me.)  First, I want to apologize for being inattentive to this website, thus allowing this to go on for some undetermined amount of time.  Then, I would like to announce that my son Steve has cleaned things up and set up new, and better, security to prevent a re-occurrence.  If it should turn out that this security fix is insufficient, we will wipe this site out and start over.  And, finally, I think I am motivated to begin making use of this tool–this website–again.  I”ll try to figure out how to upload Sunday sermons again.  I used to get some excellent feedback from those.  I will be more diligent to post announcements and relevant member information.  Just maybe, possibly, this old dog can learn a new trick or two. — Pastor Rich

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